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  • DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Professional

  • Certified LifeLoc Equipment and Calibration

  • Certified DOT Urine Professional Collector

  • Designated Employer Representative (DER)

  • Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Awareness w/Reasonable Suspicion

Certified DOT Urine Professional Collector Training

Driving Safety Services provides professional DOT collector training as specified in 49 CFR Part 40.  Training prepares the student who instructs and assists employees at the collection site, who receives and makes an initial inspection of the specimen, who initiates and completes the Federal Drug Custody and Control Form. Our instructors provide years of experience in urine collection and provide complete “face-to-face” Performance Oriented hands-on training.

Detailed instruction and a step-by-step technique is used to provide an understanding DOT's collection requirements while assuring the integrity of the collection process.  All training is conducted using the latest DOT training material and information.

Certified LifeLoc Equipment and Calibration Training

 Driving Safety Services Certified instructors provide complete operational and calibration training procedures on all models of LifeLoc DOT breath alcohol analyzers.  This in-depth professional instruction provides knowledge and skills required of a DOT breath alcohol technician.  Training is normally conducted at your facility, saving you time and money, or held at our state-of-the-art training facility.

 Certification of training is provided by Driving Safety Services as a Breath Alcohol Technician and LifeLoc Technologies, Inc. as a Certified Operator and Calibration Technician upon completion of proficiency training.  All training certificates are good for five (5) years.

DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Professional Training

Our professional training program certifies individuals as a (BAT) Breath Alcohol Technician in compliance with DOT's regulations Part 40. Training is provided in the procedures for obtaining a breath sample, interpreting the EBT results, preparing the alcohol test (ATF) form, recording results and reporting to the company DER.
Performance Oriented, Hands-On Training allows maximum time operating the EBT. DOT and EBT proficiency training is simultaneously conducted though face-to-face, real time observation where proficiency must be demonstrated in front of our professional instructor.


Want to save time and money?  Driving Safety Services's training is provided at your facility, including outside the USA through special arrangements, to save your company time and money.  Training is also available through web-ex or onsite training at DSS's facility.   Training available but not limited to: