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Additional Compliance Services are Available

Please Contact DSS for More Information or to Schedule a Review.

Review Expectations

During the course of the review, our staff will advise you of any noncompliance areas and guide you in taking  corrective action.  DSS will inform you of any violations or enforcement penalties that could have been imposed had the review been an actual DOT audit.  When the review is complete, you will be provided with a complete report of the results of the review and assistance in outlining a corrective action plan.

Follow-Up Compliance Visits

Driving Safety Services will advise carrier officials after the review as to when a follow-up review should take place.  Driving Safety Services does not leave the carriers “hanging” out there to gain compliance on their own.  We will set a schedule for follow-up visits to assist the carrier in gaining a satisfactory safety posture.


Areas of Review

  • Drivers Files
  • Background Checks
  • Driver's DVM Check
  • Accident Register/Files
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records/Inspections
  • Hours of Service/Supporting Documents
  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Driver's Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Compliance Review

DSS can provide your company with a DOT/FMCSA Compliance Review.  The benefit of having a compliance review conducted by DSS is that it will enable the motor carrier to proceed forward with their safety compliance issues and know what needs to be accomplished prior to becoming a recipient of a DOT audit.  Our review will ensure your DER and other personnel are properly trained to review and maintain records, policies and procedures required by DOT.